Jan 14, 2010

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Twitter», which is one of the most popular social networking websites has recently set a restriction on passwords. According to the reports, the site has banned around three hundred and seventy words that can be used as password for setting up an account on this site. Therefore, someone who wants to create a Twitter account» or have an existing account should go through the list of these passwords once. It has been reported that Twitter has banned the words as they want to protect the accounts of people from being hacked by the cyber criminals.

Last year, Twitter had faced several hacking attacks and so they might have decided to set a ban on some passwords that can be easily hacked. The decision of banning easy words to be used as password is considered to be a good move, still people who have their accounts on this website are not assured about the security of their information.

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Though banning the simple words do not ensure the security of the site from being hacked, it indicates that people from now onwards will have to become more creative while setting the password of their account. As per the reports, people would not be allowed to use words like ‘action’, ‘bad boy’, ‘cheese’, ‘Charlie’, ‘Broncos’, ‘diamond’ etc for their passwords. It has also been reported that setting numerical passwords like ‘111111′ or ‘1234567′ is also not allowed. A list consisting all the banned words has been published on the internet and someone who wants to get an idea of the words that he cannot use as password, can go through it.


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