Apr 15, 2010

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Are you a windows user? Here is the list of software's you need to get updated(incase you forgot to do so).
Here is the CHECK LIST.

#If you are an Win XP SP 2(Service pack 2) user, here is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Microsoft is phasing out SP2. Don’t worry Microsoft is providing a free download option of SP3 to all its users. Make sure you update your system accordingly.

For more INFO regarding this see here»

#Incase if you are as Win VISTA user. Good news! Win VISTA(sp2) is OUT for grabs. You can download it from Microsoft website».

# Planning to change from previous versions of windows  to WIN VISTA. Microsoft helps you. Check out their upgrade advisory tool».

# Internet Explorer 8 is OUT. Make sure you get your share of it :) HERE»

# Direct-X, useful for your gaming needs is updated get it!»

# Make your movies! Windows movie maker for VISTA is here»

# Microsoft Security Essentials», provides you the complete safety for your system!

Apart from the regular downloads, Microsoft is offering TRIAL versions of their NEW SOFTWARE’s Get your share :)

# Microsoft office 2010(beta)»

There are many more TRIAL versions of Microsoft software's you can get them here».

If you have your WINDOWS UPDATE ON no need to read such articles!

Steps to turn on your WINDOWS UPDATE:

Click ON START> go to control panel> Click on Security center > Make sure “AUTOMATIC UPDATES” button is turned ON or checked.

This is it. Now, when ever there is an update for your system, you can download it directly.
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