Apr 11, 2010

Mouse art!
Mouse art!
Now, here is an awesome tool that changes your mouse into a virtual paint brush! No not physically though. But, you can change your mouse movements into a modern art. Yes, the way you move the mouse can be recorded and turned into an painting! Thanks to IOGraphica. Which provides this wonderful tool of capturing mouse movements. All you need to do is..

Go to  IOGraphica» Download the desktop application(Not a huge one). Run the program. You'll see a window with a Round Button >>Record button<<. Click on that to start recording your mouse movements. Now, forget about that window, do your work as usual. At the end of the day check the window and hit stop button!

The lines there represent your cursor movements, circles represent the mouse stops! Interesting part is you can add a back ground of your choice. Isn’t that interesting?

*You would need java runtime to run this program