Apr 19, 2010

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Here are some changes that will take place in United States, if Osama Bin Laden were to become the President of United States.

  • There will no longer be a terrorist threat to the United States, as terrorism will be declared legal
  • No nation will dare to mess with the most ruthless, cunning and murderous American president that ever existed
  • Americans will be allowed to carry guns and even automatic rifles which will suit their gun culture very well
  • Cosmetic surgery industry will be hit hard as women will be veiled and and no longer be able to show their bodies
  • MTV will have spiritual shows where men and women are being flogged or stoned to death for adultery
  • American men will be free of the threat of women presidents
  • Jew hating American racists like the KKK will be trained and sent to Palestine as suicide bombers
  • There will be much less burden on the criminal justice system once Islamic laws come into play.
  • The murderers of Muslims will be executed and the others will be trained in CIA and Delta Force
  • The rape victims will require four witnesses or the rapist will be freed. Even if they manage to get four witnesses, the rapist will be freed on grounds of insanity, as no sane man would rape a woman in front of four witnesses.
  • Thieves and shoplifters will have their hands cut off and freed
  • Wife beaters will be freed as Islamic laws allow wife beatings and the Quran recommends it
  • Pedophiles will be freed as sex with 9 year old kids will be an act of sunnah (prophetic divinity)
  • American troops overseas will be withdrawn and moved to Guantanamo bay.
  • All parties will be banned in United States, including music, dancing and entertainment
  • Divorce rates will crumple as a man will be able to keep four wives and an unlimited number of slave girls.
  • All medical hospitals will be stocked with cardamom and camel urine, no other medicines required
  • Slavery will be re-introduced and the government can earn good revenue by taxing sale of women in slave markets.
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