May 27, 2010

Using a PC can be a deeply frustrating experience at times.


It is not an exaggeration to say there is no PC user you have never experienced:

# un expected hang up
# Un expected program Termination
# UN responsive programs

Unless, you are an power user, you couldn't find a reason for the errors, could you?

Yes, you could. With the help of SOLUTO»( anti frustrating software) you can now detect what's the cause of your computer;s frustration leading to your frustation. SOLUTO’s ethical code helps you to detect the exact cause of frustration. It’s not done yet, soluto» even shows you the way to terminate it. It also help's you to speed up your PC's start up by categorizing the needed, default and unwanted start up's. So, you need not be a geek to solve your PC’s problem, when soluto is with you. We’ve tried!

Eager to try?