May 6, 2010

Facebook», has extended its “gross national happiness»”. A facebook» developed app which searches for the positive words like “awesome” etc as well as negative words, if a person uses more positive words,then the day is counted as happier otherwise the other way.

Facebook  has extended its “gross national happiness” app to 18 more countries which include U.S., Canada, India, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Venezuela and Colombia. Status updates in the English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish languages are included in the data.

Disasters have drastic effect on the index for example, INDEX in India has dipped on 27th nov 2008(day after the deadly Mumbai attack)

EG 2: U.S had a high positive index on super bowl day.
and so on..

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IMAGE [via] facebook blog»