May 7, 2010

What if i forgot to turn off my AC the other night? How much does that cost you? If you use a computer for about an HOUR, how much power will it consume?

How much energy could you save if you bought an energy saving Air conditioner instead of a regular one?
General Electricals(GE) answers these questions.
A newly developed program @ECOIMAGINATION(by GE) helps to calculate the energy consumed and the cost of consumption. Even, it answers the question like how much energy you would have saved if you could use an energy saving product(5 star).It’s a simple interface!

Some appliances are marked with a green star; this means that an Energy Star power-saving product is available in that class of appliance. Clicking on the star, you’ll see how much money you can save by replacing your old appliance with an Energy Star model.

Check out this tool

VIA [mashable]