May 17, 2010

Quit facebook day
When facebook announced it's new project 'open graph' at f8 probably it didn't expect its users to revolt--eventually they are. Matthew Milan and Joseph Dee are attempting to mobilize a formal Facebook revolt with Quit Facebook Day.

The purpose of the site is to encourage those “sick of Facebook’s lack of respect for your data” to quit the social networking site. Users can “commit to quit” with their Twitter handle or name and join the others publicly pledging to do so in unison.

Delete-your-facebook account scheduled for may 31st, yet to attract eyeballs. It would be interesting to see how many users are actually participating in this move. Infact, "how to delete my facebook account" is the most searched topic. Check out your self.. go to n type 'how do i...' the first suggestion would be ' how do i delete my facebook account' this gives the picture of how many users are 'fed' up with facebook.
Adding to this, is the recent facebook privacy concerns, phishing worries are eroding users confidence in facebook.

The question still remains: Are users so concerned that they would take the drastic step to quit Facebook altogether? Let us know where you stand. Will you quit Facebook?