Jul 22, 2010

Indian Space Research Organization in short ISRO, on July 12th has launched 5 satellites into space, which includes indigenously developed satellite CARTOSAT-2B along with the other payloads of foreign countries.

The satellite carries a panchromatic (PAN) camera capable of taking black-and-white pictures in the visible region of electromagnetic spectrum. The highly agile CARTOSAT-2B can be steered up to 45 deg along as well as across the direction of its movement to facilitate imaging of any area more frequently.

In a press release, ISRO said that “The CARTOSAT-2B satellite, which was successfully launched by PSLV-C15 on July 12, 2010, into a polar sun-synchronous orbit, is working satisfactorily. The initial phase of operations of the satellite has been successfully completed. The camera has been switched on, and images of high quality are being received.”

Below are the imagery sent by CARTOSAT-2B