Jul 25, 2010

farmvilleFarmville, a million dollar name and a game developed by ZYANGA for facebook users. Eventually, due to the high demand zyanga released it over other platforms like MySpace. So why do people love to play farmville? why are they so obsessed?
We are trying to find an answer to thins question. Do help US!

No, it hasn’t got any 3-d graphics, stunning characters, adventures, intro. It’s a boring  yet addictive game. It demands the users “Game play” consisted of laborious, mechanical management tasks, and demanded that the player constantly return to the game at specific times to harvest crops in order to get virtual currency, so you could…plant more crops and set your clock again. People literally beg their friends to send gift’s or some seeds or something related to farming. At time they even threaten YOU![funny way]. All you need to do is set up a farm soar seeds..wait for them to grow.. then sell get bugs..buy animals..shelter..etc..what’s so interesting in it?

These game designers have devised a way to addict the player, then monetize that addiction by encouraging the player to bring in friends and (hopefully) pay real money to get ahead. Reportedly, Zynga (the company behind Farmville) raked in over $300 million in 2009 using this formula. Is this the best we can do with social gaming? How can this be, literally, the most popular video game in America? Is it just that we’re all addicted and can’t give up, now that we’ve invested so much?