Aug 18, 2010

is a country of temples, if you would ask to pick a state which has more temples, our finger would definitely point at TAMIL NADU. Now, India’s biggest temple which is located in TANJAVURU in Tamil Nadu state turns 1000! 1000 and still running continues to amaze many tourists.

When we look at the history of temple, the structure was built by Rajaraja Chola. Built in 1010 AD, the temple remains a grand structure and is visible from any area in Thanjavur, perhaps the only such temple in India having this characteristic.

The temple also boasts what is considered as India's largest 'Nandi', the bull which Lord Shiva rides, located in front of the temple tower.
The inner sanctum houses rare paintings, which were not discovered until a few decades ago. However, access to the paintings is restricted as they are in a very fragile state.

To mark the occasion, the state government will organise a dance show under noted danseuse Padma Subramaniam in which 1000 dancers will enthrall the audience.

The small town will turn into a cultural hub for two days starting September 26 as street performers and dancers will be performing all over the town