Aug 15, 2010

Approximately 250 years back, in the name of TRADE East India Company has company to INDIA. Which eventually took over the country and ruled over 200 years. India has seen over 200 years of colonial rule. Now, 250 years later an INDIAN has taken over the same East India Company. Isn’t it proud moment for all of us? On the eve of Independence day, we bring you the details of the man behind the scenes.

Indian-born British businessman Sanjiv Mehta, who bought the East India Company in 2005, is re-launching the world’s first multinational firm on Saturday after 135 years of its dissolution, by opening a luxury food store in London, which he says would eventually take the company once again to India.

“The project was not simply a commercial venture - there was an emotional connection too. It is a dream come true to build a business like this and to acquire a brand like this to own the company," BBC quoted him as saying.

Mehta dismissed fears that the reappearance of a company long associated with colonialism would open old wounds and insisted that he had been inundated with messages of support from his compatriots.

"It's a disproportionate joy, I have received more than 15,000 e-mails of support from various Indians across India, even from Barbados to Fiji to Canada to Boston," he added.

It’s just a sample of how we raised ourselves. Wish you a “Happy Independence Day” for all INDIANS!