Aug 11, 2010

I-PAD has created a revolution in our daily lives. Sad thing is I-pad is confined to certain sections and countries. The I-PAD may not be a HUGE hit in a country like INDIA, a largely middle class populated country, which is interested in tasting the new technologies for a comparatively low cost. The solution is OLIVE PAD. No, it’s not a I-PAD copy, it might have taken inspiration from I-PAD

So, what is in OLIVE PAD?

OLIVE pad is a touch 3.5G pad which can be used for various purposes. Olive telecom takes pride in introducing INDIA’s first ever 3.5G pad.

So, what it has?
Oh! guess the price of the pad? it’s about 21,000`-25,000` or 425$ to 530$. Cool right?
Here is a brief tour about the features available on OLIVE PAD.

This 7-inch slate is said to boast an 800 x 480 resolution on a capacitive touch panel, not to mention Bluetooth, WiFi, an SD card slot, 512MB of internal memory (plus 512MB ROM), a 3.5mm audio jack, 3 megapixel camera, mini USB socket and a 3,240mAh battery. There's also a mysterious front facing camera for video calls, and sure enough, this thing actually supports voice, which may very well make it the largest smartphone to launch in 2010. If all goes well, it'll seep out in India next month.Olive Pad operates on an Android Operating System

The OlivePad will be available countrywide at all Croma stores from August.