Sep 22, 2010

Many miss the invisible feature on Facebook. Unlike Yahoo and Gmail, facebook doesn't have a direct log in to INVISIBLE option. It must be annoying to people who have many people online and are flooded with chat messages every time they login. Some are in no mood to chat but, want to see who among his/her friends are online. So, one can get invisible(appear offline) to certain group of friends or to your whole friends list. The best part is you can always avoid those whom you might not want to have a chat.


You can either appear OFFLINE(Invisible) to all the chat contacts or to only some.

Let us see how can you appear offline to some contacts.

# Open you chat window, LOG IN(1st time)

# On the TOP you find “ Friends list”. Click on that. Name it say “family members

# This separates your family members from the others.

# Start adding your family contacts to the LIST.

# You can see a small “button” just beside the name of the list(visible in above figure)

# You can be either appear Online ONLY to them using the “Button” or offline(invisible) to the same.

That’s it!
Have fun, any doubts? Do write into us! We will get ya!