Oct 1, 2010

Can’t get enough of Mark Zuckerberg? Watch The Social network movie, the saga of how facebook came into existence.

Bluewater Productions — a Canadian production company specializing in comic books, graphic novels and multimedia that has previously told the tales of celebs like William Shatner, Roger Corman, Ray Harryhausen and Vincent Price, among other luminaries — plans to release Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook as a 48-page saga that seeks to answer the question: “Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg?” priced at $6.99

“Rightly or wrongly, Mark dealt harshly with some people on his way to where he is today”, says comic book author Jerome Maida. “As we see, he left many people feeling betrayed. I try my best to be fair here. No one is totally innocent in this story. I try to represent each of the major players’ point of view.”

Zuckerberg has become a figure of massive public interest over the last couple of years as Facebook has reaped both praise and torrents of criticism. It will be interesting to see how history looks back at this period in the coming years — we’ll certainly have a trove of source material in the archives if this Zuckerberg-centric storytelling trend continues.

Article Inspiration from Mashable