Dec 17, 2010


Many countries in the world have intelligence agencies who's primary task is to protect its country from foreign forces. In the pursuit, these agencies work behind enemy lines gathering all important data which can play a major role in a particular country security. For more clear picture, imagine JAMES BOND 007 an agent under MI5(British intelligence agency). Some of the famous intelligent agencies are CIA(USA), MI5(UK),ISI(Pakistani intelligence famous for instigating terrorism in INDIA).

Many people may not be familiar with  the fact that Indian Intelligence agency is called RAW(Research and Analysis Wing) For all those enthusiasts, who want to know about RAW. We bring you the detailed INFO.

RAW: Research and Analysis Wing. Which is India's external security agency. Working behind the enemy lines and keeping any eye on the several other countries.

Getting into the history, prior to the independence, there existed an intelligence agency called IB(intelligence Bureau) which successfully fore-casted the occurance of WORLD WAR 2. But, after Independence,having been depleted of man power by the exit of british, Pillai(First IB chief) tried to run the bureau on MI5 lines. Which led to the debacle of Indo-sino war in 1962. This led the then prime minister Indira Gandhi to seriously think about having a separate organization for the collection of foreign intelligence, which eventually led to the diversification of powers of IB into an newly formed organization named as RAW to take care about the foreign intelligence.

R&AW started as a wing of the main Intelligence Bureau with 250 employees and an annual budget of Indian rupee2 crore (US$ 454,000)). In the early seventies, its annual budget had risen to Indian rupee30 crore (US$ 6.8 million) while its personnel numbered several thousand.Presently, the budget of R&AW is speculated to be as high as US$150 million  to as low as US$31 million.

The Government of India has added another intelligence agency which is dedicated to collection of technical intelligence (TECHINT). India's new hi-tech spying agency, the National Technical Facilities Organisation (NTFO), also known as National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), is believed to be functioning under R&AW, although it remains autonomous to some degree. While the exact nature of the operations conducted by NTRO is classified, it is believed that it deals with research on imagery and communications using various platforms.

Major operations

  • ELINT operations in Himalayas
  • Creation of Bangladesh and aftermath
  • Operation Smiling Buddha
  • Amalgamation of Sikkim
  • Kahuta's Blueprint
  • Operation Meghdoot
  • Kanishka Bombing case
  • Operation Cactus
  • Sri Lanka
  • Operation Chanakya
  • Help to the Northern Alliance
  • Kargil War
  • Operation Leech
  • War on Terror
  • 2008 Mumbai attacks
  • Snatch operations with IB

These are just the gist of the major operation carried out by RAW. For detailed list. click here