Jan 7, 2011

Ever imagined how would it be if you could spell your phone number? Wouldn't it be easy to remember if you could spell the number to remember rather than memorizing the whole clustered number.For instance, all Facebook mobile users in India might be familiar with 9232232665. It is actually very easy to remember if you could break down the number, the last eight digits would spell as "facebook" so 92facebook. Henceforth you could simply dial 92facebook on your key pad to update your status.

Ok, now how does your phone number spell? Well, you need not be a maths wizard to figure that out. Many online sites like phonespell.orgdialABC.com and  dialABC.com. Once you enter your phone number, it gives you the list of all possible combinations existing for your number.

You may use these services while short-listing a new phone number or even when you are looking for a more memorable representation of your existing phone number.