Feb 26, 2011

BOSS: Bharat Operating System Solutions. The new operating system initiative of department of information technology(government of India) in collaboration with various prestigious institutes located across India is now available for download. Getting into the technical details, BOSS is a GNU\Linux distribution developed by C-DAC and NRCFOSS, for enhancing the use of free/open software in the country.

It consists of clean desktop environment coupled with Indian languages, hassle-free and quality protection against virus, piracy and spyware. BOSS is customized for ease of use in educational domains.  No wonder if BOSS is used in world's cheapest laptop, made in INDIA! For a WINDOWS fancy country like India, this operating system may not have an immediate impact. It would be fascinating to see how many actual number of people will be using BOSS.

The best thing is, you can experience BOSS without installing it on your present computer!

You can find the download links and more details:

www.bosslinux.in or call 1800 4250 455