Feb 25, 2011

When is the last time you heard this news?Long time!

The search engine giant Google is all set for an overhaul of its search algorithm to check the low-quality websites. It is important to understand the low quality term here. The sites which just do a copy paste job have no place in Google's new algorithm!(find a new search engine guys). Contrary, the high quality sites will have a better ranking(this can be seen as a reward to the ORIGINAL content sites). This can be seen as a move to restrict "content farms" as a result improve the search results quality.

In its blog post, Google said that this change in algorithm would effect around 11.8% of its total search queries. It is known that a week before google had launched personal blocklist extension for google chrome.

To start with the changes in the algorithm are confined to US. Depending on the response the changes will be effective to the other parts of the world!