Mar 11, 2011

Super Moon, the phase where the moon comes killing close to earth and thus paving the way for humongous natural disasters. According to the scientists, the super moon will occur on March 19h, Sunday,2011.For many experts, that is a false association, and they say that any kind of cycle connected to natural disasters is just a coincidence, and the moon has no effect on any flood or earthquake going on on the earth.

Past super moons have been connected to the Indonesian earthquake in 2005, and a massive flood in Australia in 1954.On March 19 2011, the moon will be 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away from the earth.

Now, exactly a week ahead massive natural catastrophe hits Japan, a huge 8.4 earthquake on Richter scale(highest ever earthquake recored in Japan's history) followed by a tsunami. It is a well known fact that, Japan is in the frequent earthquake zone. But, the magnitude of today's earthquake is unmatchable. Is this anything to do with the occurrence of Super Moon? Are we missing any link? If this was the scene even before super moon has occurred. What will happen once super moon arrives? We need to wait till 19th of march 2011 to get answers. Hope, nothing disastrous happens. Our hearts are with people of Japan, may god be with them!