Mar 23, 2011

Here are few things you might not know that you could do using Facebook.

Invisible on facebook chat :Many miss the invisible feature on Facebook. Unlike Yahoo and Gmail, facebook doesn't have a direct log in to INVISIBLE option. It must be annoying to people who have many people online and are flooded with chat messages every time they login. Some are in no mood to chat but, want to see who among his/her friends are online. So, one can get invisible(appear offline) to certain group of friends or to your whole friends list. The best part is you can always avoid those whom you might not want to have a chat.

Turn facebook into contact book: Who wants to memorize phone numbers any more? You might feel the pain of asking their phone numbers each time you change the sim or the phone! Wait, you need not ask. They might have already put up their phone numbers on Facebook. All you need to do is log into your Facebook phone book and browse through your friends numbers. Isn't this cool? Follow this link

Buy things through Facebook: Yes, you can even buy things through Facebook. Just go to market place aap here you find various options select yours! After all Facebook is the largest social networking site. So, almost all things are up for grabs in the marketplace. Place your choice wisely! ;) Try Facebook Market Place

Track your site through Facebook: Have a blog or a website? You can track your sites performance on Facebook through Facebook Insights. Yes, all you need to do is navigate to this page, put the code on your blog. Thats it! You can now how people are reacting to your posts on Facebook!

Download your Facebook ProfileFacebook allows you to download your entire profile including friends list, photos, videos, messages, wall etc. What does this mean?
You may have lost your mobile phone, which contained many photos you took using that phone. If you had uploaded those photos to Facebook, then downloading your information lets you get copies of them back on to your computer.Isn't that cool? See how!

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