Mar 27, 2011

Google is huge. Not only in terms of  indexing and providing search results but also in providing other online as well as offline services. Here is a brief look at the services provided by google which we think that are less popular when compared to other services like adsense, adwords or Google docs.

Google Moderator :Google moderator is based on a simple idea of sparking a discussion and collecting opinions from different people on a certain issue. You can share the question with others. You can also embed google moderator question on your blog or site.

Google Hot pot: Location based service where you can rate places as well as find places of your choice suggested by other users or your friends.This service is power by Google places.

Google Knol: Is a google project aims at user written articles in various categories. Knol is basically a knowledge sharing platform where users can connect with each other to share their view on a particular thing.

Google Fusion tables: It is service aimed at data management. Here data from various organization, people are available in the form of tables or excel sheets. Users can download the information from this site.

Google Health: This service from google allows you to keep track of your health. You can even record your health habits. Like how much you work out or walk daily. You can even share your health info online. Track your progress.

Using Google dashboard you can browse through various Google services that you are using right now!