Mar 31, 2011

I LIKE it is the language of Facebook. But, Google wants to change that to "+1" that. How cool is that? Google, in its blog had announced the induction of +1 option in the search results. Is Google's +1 answer to Facebook "like"? Yes, we think so. Question is how far will the new +1 button goes. Primarily +1 button is confined to Google search results.

If you like a search result, all you need to do is +1 it. When you have 1+'d a item that item will be sent as your recommendation to your friends. Same is the case when your friends +1'd any. This can be clearly seen that Google is desperate to get its social media things right after multiple blows in form of buzz,wave and to an extent orkut.

Google has more plans!
Not only search it's more! There will be +1 web buttons available for websites/blogs. This works similar to that of tweet,like or share buttons. Isn't that cool? What will you do? LIKE or +1 ?Check their +1 button site