Mar 1, 2011

Twitter. One of the strongest tool of communication. It is not exaggeration to say "What ever happens in the world, its on twitter first!" So, how to capture what's happening around the world? Twitter answers it, LISTS! You can list out the people, organization, topics, news etc. LIST is the best way to organize things on "messy" twitter. 
We bring you few tips on creating lists and maintaining them!

Creation of a list:
Relatively a simple task. You find LISTS option on your profile page menu(the last option). Click>create a list. You will be prompted to enter the name, description and privacy options. Here comes the trick. If you want to keep in touch with tech world(apple microsoft etc) give a name according to it. Some thing like "Tech News" so that you can have a distinguish lists in your account. Now, click save. There you go you've just created your first list. What next?Do not forget to add us @karthikmns

Adding people to the list.
The next task it to add people to the list. Let me make it clear. People whom you add to the list does not count as the people whom you FOLLOW. So their tweets do not appear in your home page. To view their tweets just slide to the corresponding lists. Anyway, after you have created the list you find a search bar to hit the name of the account you want to follow. You can also add people from your following page or any profile page.

So, what now?

Try to create as many lists as possible so that you find the tweet you want! e.g sports,movies,news,local etc
Once you log in to your twitter account. navigate to your lists to see what it is upto!

Image courtesy: Reputation