Mar 31, 2011

Finally, the world's biggest survey has come to an end with the release of provisional  data of CENSUS India 2011 earlier today in New Delhi. As a matter of fact this biggest counting exercise takes place for every 10 years. Last time it took place in 2001. Now, 2011 census has interesting as well as disappointing figures. Here are the few highlights of the 2011. Did you get counted, by the way?


  • The new population of India is 1.21 Billion. In which, 623.7 millions are males and 586.5 are females.
  • The population growth rate has decreased from 21%(2001) to 17%(2011). A whopping 4% decrease.
  • India added 181 million in 10 years.Literacy rate has gone up from 64.83% in 2001 to 74.04% in 2011.
  • The sex ratio is 933 females against 1000 males.
  • Disappointing is that, child sex ratio is the lowest since independence. 914 females against 1000 males.
  • The combined population of UP and Maharashtra is bigger than total population of United States Of America.
  • The total population of India equals the total population of USA, Bangladesh , Japan and Pakistan put together!

You can get more details from India Census 2011 website.Dig in now!