Mar 29, 2011

The stage is all set for hight voltage clash between India-Pakistan. 45000 people shouting out of their throats, billions of people watching! Can we ask for more?

Cricket fever is at its peak. Yes, world cup is one of the reason. But the actual fuel comes from India vs Pakistan semi-final clash on Wednesday in mohali, India. It wouldn't be exaggeration to say there is no news media in India which is not debating or running special shows on the much awaited clash. Facebook is flooded with "who will win the semi final match" question.This reflects the mood of India.

People knowingly are falling "sick" to get a sick leave just to watch the match. To prevent this many MNC's have come up with giant screening of the match in the office premises it self.The India-Pak match is the hottest discussion every where. I feel the match has gone from "just a match" stage to two countries falling on to one ground.

Who are attending the Ind-Pak match?

President of India-Smt Prathibha Patil(Not confirmed)
The Prime Minister of India-Dr Manmoham Singh
The Prime Minister of Pakistan-Mr.Gilani
UPA Chair person- SMT Sonia Gandhi along with his son Rahul gandhi and daughter Priyanka Gandhi
Rehaman Malik-Pakistan Interior minister
Chaudary-Pakistan Defense Minister

It looks like both nations management is hooked to mohali!

and other dignitaries from the two respective countries.

The above list covers the political spectrum. So, who are the celebs attending the match?
Amir Khan
Deepika Padukone
Katrina Kaif
Akhshay Kumar
Almost all Deol's

...with 45000 other people. Electrifying. Isn't it?Hope the best team wins!

Now, the question arises. Why are we so exited about India-Pak match?
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