Apr 3, 2011

I still remember the faces of Indian cricketers emulated as fishermen,chai walla, road side beggars after the 2007 lose! I still remember the crazy fans destroyed Dhoni's house. Now, its the same house the same players are god  for many! What a turn around in 4 years! Champions have answered the billion prayers!The Indian team looked HUNGRY to win the cup. Champions play this way.

April 2nd,2011 the day when the history was written by 11 men!

A billion hearts praying for 11 men to bring back the glory. Some were not even born when India last won the world cup in 1983. Even the master sachin tendulakar who has every record in his name, never tasted the cup of glory. After a GENERATION gap of almost 28 long years, India won the cricket world cup under the leadership of M S Dhoni. What does this mean for a cricket crazy nation?  India is the only country to have won a 60 over world cup, a 50 over world cup and a 20 over world cup.

When is the last time you have seen a country celebrating together irrespective of cast,creed,religion or race! No politics,no business can do this. A sporting event which is more than religion here(India) has done it. It has brought a billion people together! A billion smiles. Happy cries! wow. I've seen a champion team all around the tournament. This is what happens when every player in the team is determined to give 100%. The desperation to win the world cup is evident in players face. Some players even had tears in their eyes. That tells how desperate they were to win the cup! Its not about a individual, its the team which has won it.

Take a bow!
Indian cricket has 2 new era's Post 1983-2011. From now, 2011-future. The win has inspired many!
In India cricket is more than a religion. Now, the worshipers have got the share of the gift!

When billions tweet their happiness, TWITTER has to HANG!(this happed!)