Apr 1, 2011

Many of us use various Google services. Gmail, orkut, docs, webmaster etc. Main point is that we all use same login credentials for all the Google services. A universal log-in system. So, if your gmail account is hacked you will not only loose access to gmail, in fact you will not be able to sign into any of Google products. This shows the vitality of our Google credentials.
So, we bring you detail procedure of making your Google account HACK PROOF. No, we didn't invent this method. Google has done it. They call it 2-step verification. We are here to guide you on how you can activate this 2-step verification.

What exactly is the 2-step verification process?

2-step verification adds a new layer of log in. i.e once you activate 2-step verification on your account. Here after, when you want to access Google products, after the basic log in screen where you need to enter your credentials, you will be taken to the 2nd screen, where you need to enter the code received on your mobile phone. You'll only have to do this once in 30 days if you choose to do so.

Before you activate
  • You need to have a mobile phone. The activation code required in the 2nd log in screen will be sent to your mobile.
  • If your mobile phone is damaged, but you want to log in to Google account. You still can. All you need to have is BACK UP codes(which are given when you activate your 2-step verification, take a print out and carry them!)
  • If you have an android phone or an iPhone or a blackberry, the activation procedure is different.
  • Once you activate 2-step verification on your account, you will be automatically signed out from all your Google accounts(including your android phone,chrome, desktop picasa etc)
  • So, you need to have an application specific password for the above mentioned accounts. You can create them from your settings page. 
  • You need not remember the application specific password. As you are requested to enter it only once.
  • Once 2-step verification is activated, you'll be prompted to enter the activation code(which is sent to your mobile) once every 30 days if you choose so.
  • You can always turn off the 2-step verification in one click, by going to your settings page.
We highly recommend that you activate 2-step verification on your account, to be safe from black hackers and prevent any important data loss.

Extra Info:

You can activate 2-step verification from your account settings page(link)
For detailed info on this process, check out Google support center(link)

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