Apr 18, 2011

There are millions of websites operating in today's world. If you ask a question, are they all legal?.No, is the answer. Some of those from millions and millions of websites, entirely depend on duping the users by attractive fake lottery schemes, fake survey, fake online jobs, fake online scams.

Many new internet users are falling prey to these scams. The only way to avoid them is by staying alert and be educated by the scams around you.

Let us  look at what to do if you have fallen prey to any cyber scam.
First, is there any online police station that deals with the scams? yes, if not exactly a police station. But, theres a governance and complaint filing system where you can report any phishing scams for that matter any scam.


You can register a complaint here :http://www.ic3.gov

For all Indian internet users, there is a toll free umber to register your complaints.

Toll free number: 1800 209 6789

For all the pessimists, who doubt these institutions, there are many successfully chased down online scams. Help to make the internet clean and safe. Read  how Google is fighting fraud online
Remember these are "professional" scamsters, they use every trick in the book to dupe you. Beware! educate people. Have you ever been duped?How? Share you experience with us to help other users!