May 16, 2011

"OMG (fbusername) what you doing in this video" spam link goes viral. The juicy sentence in the quotes is the main tool to attract or make users to click on the link. The link has a hidden JavaScript, when clicked, posts the same link on your friends wall, thus causing embarrassment! The better way to avoid is stop clicking on those spammy links. Or else to avoid further embarrassment disable your FACEBOOK wall, i.e you can disallow your friends to post on your wall, thereby decreasing the spam links or simply you can remove posts.

You may restrict other people posting on your wall by disabling “Account -> Privacy Settings -> Customize Settings -> Things others share -> Friends can post on my Wall ( Enable / Disable )

Here is bit defender tool(Facebook app) that checks your profile for potential threats on your profile.

We think that Facebook has to come up with stringent security tools/measures to check the hackers spreading such spam links. Users must also be active in sensing what is spam and what is not, rather than just clicking on crazy stuff.
This is not the first time, there have been many click-jacking links earlier as well.

Stay safe! Happy browsing!