May 10, 2011

Google has announced the launch of Google Music at the ongoing Google I/O conference. Like all the new services, Google Music is still in BETA.
So, whats so special about Google Music?

Google Music connects your music to the cloud. This allows you to listen anywhere and stay in sync with your music. Eventually, you are free from the hazel of wires and cables(apple is listening i guess).
Speaking simply, once you upload your music to Google music you can listen to them from any computer! Now, here comes the best part, if you are unable to access the cloud(no internet) even then you can listen to your music. How? Google Music caches the recently played tracks, which makes it possible to listen to the tracks offline as well. Google music is also available on Android devices. Finally SYNC looks to be the core point of Google Music.

You can request the invites here. Remember, Google Music is open only to United States! Others, we need to wait for a while at least!