May 8, 2011

Now you can choose your Facebook. Al you need to have is this chrome extension developed by Ansel Santosa, this extension called Minimalistic for Facebook helps you tailor the way in which your Facebook appears. You can play around with the default options you see on Facebook.
For instance, you can hide the PROFILE button on the top, or hide the applications drop down on the left side bar and more. From the heavy details to even minute details like hiding the date and time stamp in your feed, disabling photo theater, hiding top news button, chat button and so on.

After the extension is installed, you will see the main configuration window with 6 different categories lined up in left sidebar. Each category comprises of respective set of options to tweak different elements design and layout of Facebook main interface. Starting from General, you can change Facebook address bar options, show counter in favicon image, toggle Footer view On/Off, or choose to paste customized CSS code to overhaul Facebook design as per your liking.

pik courtesy[Addictive tips]