May 16, 2011

OVI-nokia's app store brand name is all set to change. Nokia, the Finnish company is set to re-brand OVI to Nokia Services.OVI-in Finnish means the "DOOR",this name change is not unexpected, as we know Nokia is undergoing a massive shift from an independent mobile company to a Microsoft partner. Nokia’s deal with Microsoft, and the decision to move away from Symbian, means the company doesn't need Ovi much longer, although there will still be Symbian device owners for a few years yet. However, the timing of the Ovi re-branding coincides with a rumor that Nokia will begin talks next week to sell its handset business to Microsoft. Eldar Murtazin is the source and he’s often had accurate information on Nokia’s doings, as well as early access to its handsets.

Nokia, in its blog stated that its "evolving" its software brand identity by renaming its service offerings to Nokia services, starting with new devices in July and August.This transition is expected to last into 2012 and was pretty much inevitable in the wake of Nokia's hookup with Microsoft earlier this year. Part of that agreement was for Nokia software, Maps in particular, to be made available in other Windows Phone devices and across Microsoft's range of services, so it makes sense for Nokia to literally put its name on its wares.