May 16, 2011

Yes, you have got a stock market for social media too. A social media exchange. Social media here includes your Facebook profile/page, LinkedIn profile, twitter handle, Flickr and YouTube. These are the parameters on which your SHARE value depends on.

Empire avenue is a website platform where you need to register to buy shares of other people or let others buy your shares, ultimately to become a millionaire , virtual millionaire. You can connect with people, invest in them, connect with friends, unlock achievements earn money(virtual) by being socially active! Money in empire avenue is known as Eaves.

Empire avenue is also a great tool to check as well as increase your social media activity. It also helps to discover ways to make your social media presence effective and wide.

All you need to do is sign up here. Connect your social networks(mentioned earlier). Invent in people, unlock achievements, check your social media activity and more.

We are on empire avenue! Check out our portfolio