May 17, 2011

Taliban-which gave/giving USA and many other countries sleep less nights with their dreadful and barbaric activities decided to update the world in 140 characters. Yes, Taliban is on twitter. Taliban is a banned organization which banned cinema and music in Afghanistan(long back) now fighting its war VIA twitter. This comes after the death of Osama Bin laden. The talking point is that taliban is tweeting in English as well! Their first tweet was tweeted claiming "enemy attacked in Khak-e-Safid", with a link to their website for more details about rebel fighters killing "at least 6 puppet police". 

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan joined Twitter about six months ago," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told AFP, using the group's name from its time in power.

"We did it because we know Twitter is a popular social network in the West, and we want to make our voice heard. They used to hear only one-sided news about us from the invaders, but now they can know the reality."

Mujahid said that an official Taliban page on Facebook had been shut down by the company earlier this year, but supporters still host personal pages passing on news and information.

"We regard modern technology including the Internet as a blessing of God," he said, declining to explain the Taliban's change of attitude since they were toppled for sheltering al-Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks.

The Taliban's Twitter feed @alemarahweb -- a reference to Islamic statehood -- sends out several messages every day, mostly in the Pashto language, and is followed by 4,200 people with the number growing rapidly since English was introduced

So, will you follow them? If yes, why?