May 10, 2011


It seems that the goal of YouTube is to bridge the long existing difference between online video and T.V.As speculated earlier, YouTube has introduced the option of rentals. YouTube in it's blog post has announced the new feature which allows the user to rent movies. Movies are available for rent at prescribed industry prices. Apart from rentals, you can also watch wide range of movies on YouTube for FREE. From memorable hits to cult classics, YouTube also has new comers like Inception, King's speech, Little Fockers etc


"But your movie experience won't begin and end with a single film. With 35 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, there’s a sea of content that can add to your movie experience. Many movie pages feature YouTube Movie Extras -- free behind-the-scenes videos, cast interviews, parodies, clips and remixes from YouTube’s unique community of content creators."

Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal studios were rumored to be in on the deal with YouTube. The YouTube blog promised that more information would be available later today on what movies and shows will be available. We will update here when we hear more information.

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