Jun 21, 2011

Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers(ICANN) is the mentor for all the internet activities such as domain registrations and stuff. ICANN has recently, raised the long existing barrier of creating generic top level domains. At a conference recently held in singapore has been the stage for this historic decision. The board has gone forward with the idea of allowing the creation of top level domains(TLD's).

What does that mean?
We expect that this decision will test the human imagination of creating names. We all are accustomed to internet address which usually end with .com .org .net or when it comes to a country, .in .us. cn etc. As early as 2013 you can avail the opportunity of creating URL in any language and these URL can literally end in any word in English.
Example, you can create a web domain name while on a vacation as paris.vacation(subject to availability) or if you own a product idkt.soaps or if you have just completed your graduation (karthik.engineer).

So, what?
We expect this new addition to the internet registrar will unleash the power of human imagination. It also serves as the tool to promote your brand, product or company.

This new system will be in place in other words the new domain names will start appearing in our search engines by 2013.

Applications for new gTLDs will be accepted from Jan. 12 to April 12 next year.