Jul 2, 2011

Facebook has earlier wooed its users with something awesome coming next week announcement. As always there were many rumors on the awesome thing. But, like in every story, sources confirm that Facebook is all set to release Skype video chat. Though both the companies (Skype and Facebook) denied to make comment on this issue, highly placed sources from the company had confirmed that the next weeks awesome announcement is nothing but the introduction of video chatting on Facebook.

This integration was developed by 40 members team from Seattle office. Looks like Facebook is also considering, extending the video chat to desktops as well. Strengthening this fact, Facebook has posted a software engineering JOB opportunity at its Seattle office in its website.

The report is sparse on details about how it will work. Will it require a software download? Will it support group video chats? Undoubtedly it will be a major addition to the Facebook platform. Google+, the search giant’s answer to Facebook, launched with a group video chat feature, Google+ Hangouts. Google is seeing a lot of traction with the feature, but if Facebook can release a video chat product next week, Google+ Hangouts may not seem as revolutionary.