Sep 21, 2011

Some one rightly said "Facebook is just like a girl, when you start thinking that you know her well, it just changes."  Today, we are dealing with the security issue on facebook. So, what if you turn on login approvals and then lose your phone, you forget your Facebook password and can’t get into your login email account to receive a password reset? How would you recover your account?

How Trusted Friend Works
Yes! you can still recover your account through Trusted Friends. This new feature enables you to select any 3-5 friends of yours from the friends list. When you are locked out of your account, facebook sends 3 different codes to the selected friends. All you need to do is call those 3 friends to collect the codes and regain your access to your Facebook account. Isn't that simple?

Here the seletion of friends should be wisely done. You are recommended to select those who are easily accessible and can quickly reply with the codes they received.

How to enable Trusted Friends.
Go to you account setting>security>trusted friends>edit