Oct 6, 2011

As we have reported earlier, India HRD minister kapil sibal has launched worlds cheapest tablet, named "Akash". importantly it is made in INDIA. Geting into the manufacturing details, top notch organization like IIT's and other organization were involved in making Akash a reality. This is part of the rural education mission, an initiative by government of India, hopes will put millions of Indians in front of a keyboard. 

Yes, it is true that the spec sheet of the tablet is not top notch. But it is also important to note that the tablet is not really targeted at the middle and higher echelon of the society. But rather to those who can't even afford a mobile phone that will effectively get them connected to the Internet. And for them, this tablet shall be a boon.

About Akash
1Screen Size : 7 Inches (18 Centimeters)
2) Wi-Fi : Yes
3)Media Player :Yes
4) Battery Power : 180 minutes (3 Hours)
5) Operating System (OS) : Android 2.2
Video Conferencing  : Yes
7) USB Ports : Two
8) Memory : 32 GB expandable
9) RAM : 256 Mb (on lower side)
10) Price : $35 or Rs 1500

11)Processor366 MHz Conexant with Graphics accelerator.
12)Manufacturer: DataWind(Hyderabad,India)

When will it hit the markets
As per the details provided by the ministry Akash is expected to be available in the markets as early as in November.

Where to buy it.
If you live in India, Akash will be made available in all retail store, and also online retail sites like ebay.in can come in handy to buy new as well as used tablet.