Oct 21, 2011

As many of you know that Steve jobs biography is slated to release later next week. Before the official release, the author, Walter Isaacson in an interview with CBS stated that, Steve jobs has refused to allow surgeons to allow surgery on his pancreatic cancer.
The author says that, in one of his deepest discussions with Steve jobs, Steve jobs refused to allow anybody to open up him body. Steve jobs wanted to concentrate on alternative treatment methods that could cure the cancer, calling the idea of surgery too invasive. Eventually, after 9 months of persuasion from his family members and close friends, Steve jobs has finally undergone the surgery, but it was too late! 

Author also claims that the biography of Steve jobs will also reveal the other side of the creative man.

Note: We are starting " Know Steve Jobs" series. This post is part of the series. More to follow.

Pre-order "Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography " by Walter Isaacson.

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