Dec 8, 2011

Eight Ferrari's, three Mercedes Benz and one Lamborghini diablo, these all were involved in creating worlds most expensive crash ever. All these cars were involved in massive crash at the weekend on the Chugoku Expressway, in the country’s south-west.

While the majority of the 14 vehicles – which also included a Japanese supercar Nissan GT-R Skyline and a Toyota Prius – were travelling along the Osaka Prefecture-bound bended lane at least one Mercedes CL600 was driving in the opposite direction.

Miraculously, none of drivers – the majority of whom are reported to be foreign car enthusiasts – were seriously hurt in the wreckage but the bill is still bound to be painful nonetheless.
Such was the severity of the damage, several of the luxury cars have been written off, leaving their owners with the nightmare scenario of seeing their prized possessions turned into expensive scrap metal.
The Ferrari models understood to have been involved in the pile-up include a F355, F512, F355, F430 and a F360.
The total damage bill is expected to hit several million pounds.