Jan 12, 2012

Facebook has become a must social identity for every internet user. Almost every website in the world of internet is connected to Facebook, so are its users. The significance of Facebook and its impact on our daily lives is on the rise. But, Facebook is not devoid of disadvantages. Hackers are the main enemies of the Facebook, they can access personal content, manipulate your profile and do much more. The need of the hour is the security of your Facebook profile which connects you with your friends.

Here are the precautions that can increase your Facebook profile security.

If you frequently use Facebook from public computers. We strongly recommend you to enable HTTPS option. HTTPS helps you to establish secure connection with your Facebook profile. You can enable this option by navigating to ACCOUNT SETTINGS option. Under SECURITY tab you find an option to enable HTTPS.

Turn on login Notifications. 
Each time you access your account from a new device you will be informed either by email or by SMS. You can turn on login approvals by navigating to Account Settings> Security >Login Notifications

Turn On Login Approvals
This is an advanced secuirty feature where in if you log in from new devices(unrecognized) a SMS containing a code will be sent to your mobile. You will be prompted  to enter the code during the login.
  1. Go to your Security Settings page (Account > Account Security > Security)
  2. Click on the Login Approvals section
  3. Check the box and save your changes
Set up trusted friends

Trusted friends will enable you to recover your account. We've already written about this feature. Click Here

Get a One Time Password.

To get your one-time password, simply send a text message with the letters "otp" to 32665. We will then send you an 8-character code that can be used one time to grant you access to your account. Enter this code into the password field of the login page, along with your login email address. Note that the code will expire 20 minutes after it is sent.

Check Active Sessions Tab

Active session displays the recent locations(approximate) from which you have accessed your Facebook account. If you see a location if you don't recognize you can end the session immediately. This can also be used to remote log out. That is,in case you forgot to log out from a public computer.

And little Common Sense

... above mentioned features are technically sound and help you to stay safe. But technology also fails in-front of common sense. So please be aware about the scams that are prevailing on Facebook. These scams are so neatly designed that you get tempted to click on them thereby compromising your account security. So please be aware of what you are clicking.