Feb 10, 2012

Next time you visit YouTube to watch funnier videos make sure who have added some extra o's to the lol since Google calculates the number of o's in LOL to weigh the funny content. Confused? Well, YouTube in its blog post revealed a new way of(technically, algorithm) to sort out the funny videos. In simple English, YouTube has decided to prioritize the videos on four parameters:

1. Words associated with laughter, like hahaha, hehehe, kekek etc
2. Web acronyms such as LMAO, LOL ROFL
3. Funny and synonyms of funny
4. And happy emoticons like :-) ;-) xP

Apart from these there are classifiers trained to identify the most stressed part thereby quantifying the comedy. For example, looooll, lol!!!!! has more points that just lol and so on. 

So, the next time you watch any funny video on YouTube make sure that you add some extra letters to see that   the video is rated top by Google. You can also help by participating in YouTube Slam to vote for your favorite comedy video. 

More importantly is Google reading our comments, too?