Mar 7, 2012

Google in its blog post has introduced Google Play. Which according to the company is one place  which can be used to access music, apps, books, movies, games etc. The main objective behind Google play seems to create a platform for accessing all your digital content under one domain. Earlier, one has to go to Google music, Google Books to download the content. From now on everything will be under one domain there by making the job of surfing the apps more easy!

What exactly is Google Play?
Google play is not the renamed version of Android Market. Instead, it brings all the services that Google offer to android devices onto a single platform. Everything, right from you log in credentials to market the interface everything is just the same. But, Android market will be replaced/renamed as Google Play. Google has also started rolling out the update for the same. 

Whats new in Google Play?

Google Cloud: 
Google cloud is a service which allows you to access all you stuff form anywhere be it reading a Google Book, listening to music, renting a movie everything is in the cloud.  In one sentence you can watch read listen to your favorite from anywhere you want.

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