Mar 23, 2012

Apple sold 3 million new iPad units in just 3 days. It took 8 months for the original iPad to reach these figures. Having said that, the immense popularity of this gizmo hasn't died down. But, the news that is floating in the internet media is raising questions about the success of new iPad. Many people are reporting few problems with the new iPad. Remember the ANTENNA GATE issue with the iPhone 4s? This time there is no steve Jobs to defend the company. Let us look at the issues that the new iPad users are facing.

iPad is Over heating : 
It is known that the new iPad has a new A5X chip and more importantly the revolutionary RETINA display. It is pretty obvious that looking at the new additions to the iPad, the battery has more larger role to play. The new iPad has 40% larger battery and even more heating quotient. Over heating is frustating the new iPad users.

Wi-Fi issue:

The new iPad users are complaining about the vague Wi-Fi connectivity. Though the reports are not clear. it is said that most users have trouble in browsing internet through Wi-Fi.

Smart Covers:
USP of iPad 2 is smart cover which automatically wakes up the iPad on smart cover removal. There are reports that this feature is not working as expected over the new iPad. Some reports suggest that the polarity of the magnets have been reversed which led to this SMART problem.

..Though the above problems are not OFFICIALLY confirmed these rumors are making waves in the internet. 
Nevertheless Apple iPad is the undisputed leader of tablet market.