Sep 13, 2012

Apple follow what you preach 'think different'

The Internet world was all out in predicting how the new iPhone would look . Rumours were rampant thereby increasing the expectations. Putting an end to this trance apple has unveiled it's new iPhone,they call it iPhone 5. But, did the iPhone 5 reach the expectations? Not even near! It just met the rumours that were circulating. Where's the innovation, apple? Has apple ran out of innovations? Or are they just focused on 'stealing' ideas from competitors?

The keynote has everything but innovation. Apple is good at projecting even smaller things as the best thing that has ever happend. Closer look at the iPhone 5 makes it pretty clear that theres nothing new to brag about. Let us look at the features which apple says the next big thing.
  1. The screen just got bigger. Now it's 4' inch. There by adding 5th row of static icons. Apple calls it 'revolutionary'
  2. Apple is excited about panoramic camera which is quite an old feature. Seems like apple has just woke up from a deep sleep.
  3. Browser tab sync. Woah! This is the direct lift from its competitor and apple calls it 'amazing'
  4. New connector lightning introduced. So?
  5. Apple says it reinvented the earphones. Is it the best they can get?
The only innovation I see is on battery life. Apple can 'only' take credit for it. For a company like apple innovation is the driving force. But, it is only banking on presenting things rather than attracting people. To put the things in perspective let us look at how iPhone 5 stands with its competitors. Which one is better ? You decide!