Sep 29, 2012

Now you can send gifts through Facebook. Today, Facebook has rolled out a new feature which allows people to gift real gifts to people. Facebook gifts. This launch has some background, back in may Facebook acquired a online gifting app Karma. Facebook gifts is seen as the rebirth of Karma. Though Facebook gifts is only available to select users in U.S it is expected to roll out for the entire country pretty soon. Though there is no word on international launch, it seems that Facebook is carefully weighing its options and resources.

What Facebook gifts will bring to Facebook.

Bluntly, revenue. Facebook earn from the each gift you buy/receive. Facebook shares jumped by 6% after the launch of gifts. Also, a huge data base with user addresses and credit card numbers will be generated. This will help Facebook down the line.

Gifts is expected to be mobile first service. This means, Facebook is expecting to generate more revenue via mobile users. Gifts has been released to set of android users. An app update will be rolled out in coming weeks for the iOS users as well. Not to forget, this is only for the U.S users.

What gifts mean for e-commeres industry?

Heads up! This clearly will change the way we shop. What better place one can find other than facebook to show off? Not to forget, you can buy gift for yourself. Also, major ecommerce players are showing keen interest to be part of gifts.

Facebook is all set in the right direction to gain revenue which it needs the most as of now! However, this mainly depends on the success of gifts. Ultimately it boils down to you! The user.