Nov 24, 2012, Samsung India has released the much awaited GALAXY camera. Galaxy camera is built ono the DNA of Galaxy series smartphones launched by Samsung. The newly released Galaxy Camera weds the smartphone Operating System;Android with the professionalism of a camera.


Getting into the details, the Galaxy camera is built on a 1.4GHz Quad-core processor along with that is a 1GB RAM and 8GB on board storage which can expanded using a micro SD slot. A 4.8 inch beautiful touchscreen which gives you a feel like Galaxy S III. Apart from the powerful processor and the RAM the Galaxy Camera is has 3G/4G radios built in.

Wi-Fi is also built in to make sure that you're ever connected to the internet. You're photos are automatically uploaded into the cloud thereby eliminating the worry of loosing your data. Isn't that cool? 

Since the camera’s key feature is that it runs on Android, Samsung has powered the impressive hardware with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, the somewhat newest offering from Google.The Samsung Galaxy camera can now be purchased online immediately and will be available in stores tomorrow for Rs. 29,990. Seeing as how a 1650mAh battery might not be enough in case you decide to use your camera as more than just a camera, the good folks at Samsung are also packing in an extra battery into the retail box for the initial sales period.

Will it be a game changer as Samsung claims it to be. We'll have to wait and see! Question is, Will you buy it?

Take a look at the specs of the Galaxy Camera.