Feb 24, 2013

The internet messaging platforms are on the rise. Whatsapp took this industry by storm. Now, Bharati Softbank-Indian JV has introduced a new social messaging app called Hike.

Hike is a social messaging application which allows its users to send free message to their friends who are using app. Not only that, Hike allows you to send 100 free regular messages to your friends who are not on Hike. But, as of now, this offer is only for Indian users. 
Additionally, you can store all your messages on SD card.

Security-all hike messages are 128 bit ssl encrypted. 

With hike you can move beyond words. Hike allows you to share pictures etc with your friends.
Currently, Hike is available on all major mobile operating systems.

On a side note, with increasing number of social messaging systems is the conventional SMS loosing it's charm?

Let us know what do you think!